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Persian Kitten & Cat Placement Policies

The information on this page is important; please read before contacting us with questions.

Pelaqita Persians' reserves the right to refuse or cancel a sale (Sales Contract/Health Guarantee) to anyone at ANY time and for ANY reason before a client taking possession of a kitten or cat. All monies paid to Pelaqita Persians towards the purchase of a kitten will be refunded to Buyer if Pelaqita Persians cancels the contract before Buyer taking possession of the kitten or cat.

We do NOT sell to pet shops or third-party buyer(s) for resale.

Our Persian kittens do not leave our home until THEY are ready, which is between 12 and 20 weeks of age. Kittens going to non-show homes or non-breeding homes (a pet home) are: spay or neutered, have age appropriate vaccinations and wormings, and a clean bill of health from our veterinarian.

If we currently do not have kittens or do not have a kitten that matches your criteria, you can ask to be on our "wait list," please review this page in its entirety and if interested in being considered for one our Persian kittens, please fill out and send in the on-line Application. Or, we can give you a referral to a good breeder that may have what you are looking for.

CFA Registration

Registering a kitten with the Cat Fanciers' Association ("CFA") is imperative to our goals as a show cattery. Many pet buyers never send in the registration papers to the CFA. Not registering their kitten affects our goals as a breeder as well as negatively impacting the CFA and its ability to fund the many programs that benefit cat owners and cat breeders.

When a litter of kittens is born, the breeder sends in a Litter Registration form to the CFA registering the litter. After registering the litter, the breeder receives a Cat Registration Application (commonly referred to as a "Blue Slip") for each kitten. The Blue Slip is what a breeder gives to each owner to register their kitten with the CFA. The Blue Slip reflects the following information:
  • First and Second choice for a "registered name" of the kitten
  • Breed of litter
  • Litter #
  • Breeder's name
  • Date of Birth of the kitten
  • The sire and dam of the kitten, and their registration numbers

There are spaces for letters of a registered name on the Cat Registration Application. The breeder's registered cattery name is always listed as a prefix, and no one can change that. A registered name can be up to 35 characters (alphabetical, numerical, punctuation, and spaces between characters). The breeder's registered cattery name is subtracted from the 35 character allowance. For example, our cattery name is "Pelaqita" so a kitten owner would have 26 spaces for the registered name portion, including spaces. Unless an owner is a registered CFA cattery, a kitten's registered name may not end in "of [insert any name]". For example, "Pelaqita Black Jack of Smith". The CFA reserves the words "of [insert name]" for registered catteries. So that when a breeder purchases a cat from another breeder they can add their cattery name on to the end of the cat's registered name. When Pelaqita Persians purchased Diggie from Cacao cattery, his registered CFA name was "Cacao Dignity". When I sent in the registration certificate to transfer ownership, his registered name became "Cacao Dignity of Pelaqita".

We realize naming a kitten is a personal matter and many times new owners want to take some time to get to know their kitten and its personality before naming it, and we respect that. However, a registered name is for CFA registration purposes only. Often, a registered name is not what the kitten is called on a day-to-day basis, which is referred to as a "Call Name". In fact, a registered name rarely has anything to do with the call name. For example, we had a German Shepherd dog many years ago whose registered name was "Chenoa's Great Adventure". However, her call name was Rhini, no correlation between the two. MayMay's registered name is: "Pelaqita Mrs. C" as we were going to call her Marion (from the Happy Days show).

Once a kitten is registered with the CFA, a Certificate of Individual Registration Certificate is issued for the kitten. That registration certificate contains the following information:

  • Kitten's registered name, date of birth, color and registration number.
  • The registered name and registration number of the sire and dam of the kitten.
  • The recorded owner of the kitten.
  • The litter number.
  • The recorded breeder of the litter.

Pelaqita Persians is a show cattery and therefore, registering our kittens (even the ones that are destined for pet or non-show homes), is imperative to our goals as breeders. Registrations are also important to the CFA as those fees help support the many causes the CFA is involved.

Due to the importance of CFA registration, Pelaqita Persians has a new policy regarding individual registration for each kitten. Our registration policy is:

  • A kitten buyer will have to decide on a registered name at least two weeks before the scheduled due date for the kitten to go to its new home.
  • Kitten buyer notifies Pelaqita Persians of the name, and
  • Pelaqita Persians will register that kitten with the CFA with that registration name, and it will reflect the kitten buyer as the owner.

If a kitten buyer is unable to think of a name, then Pelaqita Persians will choose a registered name for that kitten and registered it with the CFA. The certificate will reflect the new owner's name and the kitten's registered name. Click for more information on Registering a Pedigreed Cat.

Health Guarantee - Contracts

Our Persian kittens come with a 5-year written Health - Genetic Guarantee as long as you agree to continue feeding Life's Abundance cat food, a one (1) year health guarantee will apply. We also offer a 6-year health guarantee as an addendum to our health/genetic guarantee which specifically addresses ONLY Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).

Life's Abundance Cat Food

Our Persian cats and kittens eat Life's Abundance cat food. We believe so strongly in this healthy, naturally formulated cat food, continuing to feed the Life's Abundance is a condition of sale to receive our five (5) year genetic/health guarantee. For more information on Life's Abundance Cat Food, visit their site. If you would rather not feed the food we recommend, then a one (1) year health guarantee will apply.

Life's Abundance Daily Supplement and NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement

Our Persian cats and kittens receive Life's Abundance Daily Supplement and continuing to give Life's Abundance daily supplement is a condition of sale for our five (5) year genetic/health guarantee. Information on Life's Abundance Daily Nutritional Supplement and NuVet Plus.


Persian kitten price
Persian Kittens (pet home, already spayed or neutered)
$900 - $2,000
Breeder Quality Kittens (intact with breeding rights)
$1,500 - $2,500
Show Quality Kittens (intact with breeding rights)
$2,000 - $3,500
Show Quality Kittens for Premier Classes (altered cat - no breeding rights)
$900 - $2,000

Retired adults are priced very reasonably (includes spay/neuter fee) at $600 - $800.

Breeder Quality or Show Potential Quality Persian Kittens

We welcome all inquiries from people that desire to possibly show and/or breed their Persians. Please note: We ONLY sell intact kittens to show homes. People that show their animals are adhering to the Persian Breed Standard (a set of criteria the breed must meet in order to be considered Breeding or Show Potential animals) and are dedicated to improving and preserving the Persian breed. Cat shows (competition) are the only true way to determine if a breeder is producing progeny that meet the Persian Breed Standard. Does that mean that every kitten is show or breeder quality? NO! Genetics being what they are, a breeder considers herself or himself extremely lucky to get one show potential kitten in a litter. Beware of breeders that say every kitten they produce are "show quality".

For information on breeder or show quality Persian kittens, please Contact us.

Reserving A Kitten

kitten image

We can only reserve your Persian kitten if we receive a non-refundable deposit. Kittens with a deposit are listed as "Reserved" on the "Available" page. Kittens that are paid-in-full are listed as "Sold" on the "Available" page.

Deposits and Hold, Refunds and Replacements

We require a non-refundable deposit of one-half (1/2) of the price for that kitten. The balance due, (including any shipping or delivery costs – see Delivery), is due and payable at the agreed upon time. The Health/Genetic Guarantee/Contract must be read, agreed to, signed and returned to Pelaqita Persians before any kitten leaves our home. Therefore, make sure you read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Contract before reserving a kitten and sending a deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable.

If a kitten has been reserved and if the kitten buyer cannot pay the balance due, buyer forfeits the deposit and will not receive a kitten.

A kitten is considered "Reserved" for said Buyer and is designated as such on our website or Facebook page after said 50% deposit is paid to Pelaqita Persians. All deposits are considered a "good faith" agreement between Buyer and Pelaqita Persians as outlined below:

    1.   Pelaqita Persians agrees to "hold" said kitten for Buyer until said kitten can be placed into Buyer's care after 12 weeks of age, AND the balance due must be paid in full to Pelaqita Persians (including, but not limited to, balance due, and any associated shipping fees). Said kitten would not be shipped or leave Pelaqita Persians' home unless and until all monies are paid to Pelaqita Persians, and Buyer executes and returns a signed copy of the Health/Genetic Guarantee. If the balance due is not paid to Pelaqita Persians at the agreed upon time, any deposit is deemed "forfeited" as outlined in Forfeiture and Liquidated Damage Clause.

        A.   Forfeiture and Liquidated Damage Clause: A deposit is forfeited if Buyer changes his/her mind and no longer desires to purchase said kitten from Pelaqita Persians (for any reason) or is unable to pay Pelaqita Persians the balance due on said reserved kitten within the agreed upon time. Said forfeited deposit is considered liquidated damages to Pelaqita Persians including, but not limited to:

            i.   Pelaqita Persians has turned away other potential buyers when a "hold" was placed on said kitten;

            ii.   An older kitten has a drastically reduced value and can no longer be sold for the original purchase price.

           iii.   Between the time the kitten should have gone to its new home at the approximate age of twelve (12) weeks and when it is finally sold to a secondary purchaser, Pelaqita Persians will have suffered the increased costs associated with the feeding, care, and other additional vaccinations and/or wormings required to keep said kitten in saleable condition from the original date of sale onward.

    2.   If, through an act of nature or other unforeseen reason, said kitten which was placed on "Hold" becomes unavailable, Pelaqita Persians agrees to sell to Buyer, a kitten of "like-quality and price" from either an existing litter or from an upcoming litter.

        A.   Such replacement kitten of "like-quality and price" shall be made within two (2) years from the date the original deposit was accepted by Pelaqita Persians.

        B.   If Buyer chooses not to accept said replacement kitten within two (2) years from the date the original deposit was accepted by Pelaqita Persians, the deposit is forfeited as outlined above in the Forfeiture and Liquidated Damage Clause section.

        C.   If Pelaqita Persians cannot provide a replacement kitten of "like-quality and price" within two (2) years from the date the original deposit was accepted by Pelaqita Persians, then Buyer agrees to accept a replacement kitten of any color, and/or sex. Buyer understands and agrees to make a choice from what is offered or all other rights are forfeited, and no monies will be refunded to Buyer.

        D.   Pelaqita Persians is only obligated to Buyer so long as Pelaqita Persians is still breeding and selling Persian kittens.

Deposits, Wait List, and More

When a kitten buyer fills out and submits the on-line Application, Pelaqita Persians keeps that Application until we are expecting kittens or kittens are born. Then, we will notify all Applicants about the upcoming litter or what kittens have been born. A buyer can then change their "Wait List" status by sending a deposit to ensure placement on the RESERVED list on "first come, first serve" basis. (Example: we have two deposits and 10 people on the Wait List without deposits, when the kittens arrive, the two people that have given us a deposit will have first and second choice [depending on when we receive each deposit] before the people on the Wait List.) Pelaqita Persians will not "Reserve" a particular kitten for a kitten buyer until a deposit is received.

IMPORTANT:   As a show breeder, Pelaqita Persians reserves the right of "First Pick" of any litter. After evaluating the kittens for potential show quality, we reserve the right to our choice of which kitten (or kittens) we choose to keep BEFORE the people that have already given us a deposit for a kitten and the people on the Wait List get to choose a kitten. As a Show Breeder, we breed to continue a line, improve the breed, and hope to produce that one "perfect" kitten to continue our line and continue showing. For these reasons, we reserve the right to keep a kitten that we feel will enable us to go forward in our breeding program. The rest of any litter will then be placed to qualified, forever homes based on deposits received and Wait List status.


Pelaqita Persians reserves the express right to cancel a Sale with the Buyer, if at any time before the kitten leaves our home, Pelaqita Persians determines that the placement of the kitten or cat with the Buyer will be harmful in any way to the kitten (or cat) or not a good match for the kitten (or cat) or Pelaqita Persians. All monies paid to Pelaqita Persians towards the purchase price of the kitten (or cat) will be refunded to the Buyer ONLY if Pelaqita Persians cancels a sale under this "Cancellation" policy.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Cash. Credit cards and debit cards are accepted via Square or PayPal. Pelaqita Persians will accept personal checks, as long as there is plenty time for the check to clear our bank before the kitten leaves our home. 

You will receive written receipt/confirmation either by e-mail or the United States mail of our receiving your payment.

Delivery Information

The airlines' are no longer accepting Persian cats (as well as about 35+ other breeds) as live cargo. Therefore, we can no longer ship a kitten to a buyer.

Picking Up Your Kitten: Please be sure to bring a cat carrier for safe transport of the kitten. No kitten will leave our home unless a carrier is provided. If a kitten buyer does not have a cat carrier with them on the date of pick-up, a carrier can be purchased from us for $35. This provision is for the safety and well-being of the kitten or cat while traveling in your car.

If a kitten buyer is unable to come to our home and pick their kitten up, the kitten buyer must arrange for a private courier..

Other Useful Information

Appointments: If you have made an appointment to meet with us, please be on time. Please call us to reschedule your appointment if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late. If we feel that you are not being serious about getting one of our kittens, or considerate of our time, we reserve the right not to reschedule your appointment or not to sell a kitten to you.


We do not support the inhumane practice of declawing cats. Many people are unaware of what this surgery entails; a veterinarian surgically removes the first joint of each of the cat's toes. Further, studies suggest that declawing a cat over the age of one year can result in psychological problems in the cat such as not using its litter box, marking its territory, aggression, and fighting.

We will not sell a kitten or cat to a home that is going to declaw as it is inhumane and maims the cat.

Soft Paws - for a safe alternative to declawing. We use and recommend Soft Paws. They are simple to use and effective at preventing damage to your furniture, curtains, and other household goods.

Placement Package

Pelaqita Persians has an extensive "Kitten Packet" containing pictures, pedigree, kitten food starter packet, articles on care and grooming, and more. Our Persian Cat Placement Package.


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PLEASE NOTE:     Pelaqita Persians provides the feline information on this site as a service to the public. Pelaqita Persians does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, or product. Diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions should ALWAYS be in consultation with one's own veterinarian. Pelaqita Persians', and Susan and/or John MacArthur, disclaim all warranties and liability related to the veterinary advice and information provided on this site.

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