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EBI Fountains for Cats

I have a difficult cat. Funfetti does not like, and will not drink from, a water bottle. After many days of trying to get Funfetti to switch from a bowl to a water bottle, I finally gave up. She is one stubborn cat. The problem with a water bowl is if you have a cat like Funfetti who likes to "Ruff Dive" this can create mess, damp skin and fur, and in Funfetti's case she developed a skin infection from always having damp hair on her face, chin, neck and chest. This is when I finally started to research water fountains. The majority of water fountains that I found would just not work for a Persian who liked to put her whole face and ruff into the water bowl part of a traditional fountain. Then, I found Ebi Fountains on the internet. I liked what I saw and have gotten my first water fountain from this company. Ebi Fountains are created by the engineer and artist Eberhard Basler and his wife, Vera, in Palm Harbor, Florida.

What Makes Ebi Fountains Better?

First of all, Ebi Fountains are all custom made for each client. All fountains are handmade in the USA with certified safe materials. Since each fountain is custom made, customers can have a variety of choices about design, color (40 different glazes and combinations), size, spout design, dismantle proof for those cats that can take apart anything, and "scoop proof" for the cat like Funfetti who makes a water park out of bowls and fountains. There is an option for a battery operated (cordless) fountain, battery backup for power outages, or an auto-refill system. Customers have a choice of the available filter systems in their fountain which are ultra-quiet, high efficiency, low-voltage aquarium pump. For more information on Ebi Fountains, click here.

While Ebi Fountains does custom make each fountain, they do have some already made fountains in stock. They also occasionally offer slightly irregular, yet completely functional, fountains at significant savings. Yes, these fountains are a bit pricey, but each one is a work of art, not just a fountain for your pet! They make fountains for indoor use, RV use, and for our outdoor garden areas. Ebi Fountains come in many sizes for cats, dogs, and other pets, including a fountain specifically designed with the Persian cat in mind!!

I ordered my fountain in the following custom-made design features for the Persian Cat.

  • 6 inch high, medium fountain with the "Persian" lid.
  • Color: two tone with the bowl in HF127 (China Blue) with the lid in white, and a sitting cat figurine in white.
  • Ebi's refillable Bio Filter with one carbon fill (this filter has a smaller impact on our environment than the Drinkwell filters which use plastic cartridges).

The pictures below are similar to what I ordered. The first fountain is the "Persian" fountain option. The second picture reflects the sitting cat image I requested in white on the "Persian" fountain.

EBI Fountain


Persian Designed Fountain


To view pictures and slide shows of many of the Ebi Fountains designed in 2015, click here. On this page are several of the "Persian" cat inspired fountains including design numbers: PF15049, PF15048, and PF15035. Many of the other fountains on this page would work well for cats who do not like to play in their water. I particularly love the following ones: #PF15053, #PF15056, #PF15044, #PF15001, and #PF14067. As you can see by the examples on this page, if you can imagine it, Ebi can produce it!

Below is a video demonstrating how the "Persian" cat fountain works.

Our Cats Using the Ebi Fountain

To see a variety of Ebi Fountains made for their happy clients, click here.

To see what fountains they have in stock, click here.

Thank you to Ebi and Vera for my custom-made "Persian" water fountain!

EBI Fountains - Contact Information

Eberhard Basler
Ceramic Artist
Vera Basler Artists Group
3142 Mildred Dr.
Palm Harbor, FL 34684
Phone: (727) 475-1114 (11 am to 8 pm ET)


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