Shaded Golden Persian Cat

Shaded Golden Persian Cat CFA breed standard: undercoat pale honey to bright apricot with a mantle of black tipping shading down from the sides, face, head and tail. Legs to be the same tone as the face. Ear tufts, chin, chest, stomach and underside of the tail, consistent dilute color, much lighter in tone than the undercoat. The general effect is darker than a chinchilla golden due to more tipping. Rims of eyes, lips, and nose outlined with black. Nose leather: rose. Paw pads: black. Eye color: green or blue-green. Disqualify for incorrect eye color, incorrect eye color being copper, yellow, gold, amber, or any color other than green or blue-green.

The Shaded Golden Persian cat is in the CFA Silver and Golden Division.

CFA Persian Breed Standard - Copyright © 1995-2015  The Cat Fanciers' Association
used with permission of the Cat Fanciers' Association.
Shaded Golden Persian
GC, RW Castlegate's Georgie Girl
Owned By: Barbara Bosco
Castlegate Persians

Picture by: Chanan Photography
© all right reserved - used with permission of Chanan Photography
Pelaqita Persians is NOT able to produce this color.
This cat is shown as a representation of a Persian in this color class.


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